Different types of vape mods – Where to start for a beginner

There are literally thousands of different vape mods on the market right now and seemingly more released every week, When making the decision to start vaping it can be a daunting task to know where to start. The aim of this post is to shed some light onto the different types of mod and help you find a style that is right for you.

First, what exactly is a mod? Basically it is the battery that your tank or atomizer screws in to. On a regulated device there will also be the buttons and screen housed into the unit so you can manage the settings and tweak them to exactly how you like them.

I like to think the term mod defines any product that was developed from the original Cig-A-Like type of atomizers, as they are essentially a modification upon that design.

Let’s have a look at a few of the different, more popular types commonly available.

Pen Style Mods

These are probably the most popular starter kits available to buy in stores, as they are small, inexpensive and easy to use. The vast majority of them come sold together as a tank and mod combo and while you can switch the tanks around for something bigger it probably wouldn’t be practical. Halo starter kit

Some main pro’s of these types of pen mods are that they’re highly durable, inexpensive, highly portable, easy to use and come in a starter kit with the battery, tank and charging cable. A lot of vape shops will even have a bundle where they will include a few bottles of juice as well.

On the flip side the cons would be- They have smaller capacity tanks, they are very limited in function, the battery life is quite limited and they can’t handle high VG e-liquid due to the thickness of the juice and the small wicking chamber.

Regulated Mods

Essentially a regulated mod is any that has a circuit board inside to regulate the electrical current. Most pen style mods and even the old cig-a-likes are regulated as is most common box style mods that you see are as well. Any device that has a screen, and a way to adjust the wattage or voltage is a regulated mod.regulated mod

Some main benefits to having a regulated mod are- increased safety, as in the device will not work if the chip inside deems it unsafe to do so, you will get an error message instead. Increased battery charge life, making it more efficient for all day vaping. Ease of use, many new ones these days will read the coil that is inside your tank and automatically adjust the power output accordingly, though you can override this. Easy to charge, many come with a USB port that supports charging and some will even allow the device to fire while it is plugged in making it more convenient.

I have to say here that the vast majority of people who vape will tell you not to charge a mod through the USB port, if you have removable batteries then it is far better for safety and to prolong battery life to use an external charger!

That being said, the ability to charge your device via USB in an emergency is a useful addition. I would recommend never using a wall or phone charger to do this however, I would personally use my laptop or something similar to charge.


Unregulated / Mechanical

These are probably the most advanced mods available in terms of required knowledge to vape them safely.

An unregulated mod means basically any vape mod that does not have a circuit board inside to regulate current flowing through the device.mech mod and kayfun

Some main benefits of using an unregulated mod is that you can potentially increase power and wattage output. That unregulated power allows for a lower ohm coil build. No built in battery options meaning that you can upgrade to heavy-duty batteries for more power and a longer lasting charge.

For me the best feature of a mech mod is that because they are so simple to build because of the lack of circuit board or any buttons or screens in the way the sheer range of different sizes and shapes of the mods is phenomenal. Some of the best looking mods I have ever seen are mechanical tube style mods and there are newer and better looking variants coming out all the time.

As I mentioned above, these are advanced mods! There is no circuit protection and things can go wrong if you are not careful. Before even thinking about buying a mech mod you need to be confident in Battery safety and ohms law, there are thousands of videos, blogs and other online tutorials online which you should watch. I don’t feel the need to go into too much detail about it here.

Pod Mods

These are tiny little devices sometimes no bigger than a lighter that are regulated, and come in a little all in one design for the most part. They have little removable cartridges that you put your juice in and screw a coil head into and they fire at a really low wattage.

I have one that I like to call a stealth vape because it is tiny and there is very little vapor production. I like to use it for work as we are not allowed to vape inside the buildings but I can get away with it using this.

They are really seeing a surge in popularity in 2019 and most people use them together with Nic Salts which is a type of E-Liquid that allows to vape at higher nicotine levels without the harsh throat hit that goes with it.

The effect of this is that you are satisfied quicker from having a stronger nicotine fix, meaning that you vape less in the long run saving both time and money.

Squonk Mods

My current favorite type of mod, these can be both regulated or mechanical. In essence the definition of a squonk mod a mod that has a squeeze bottle installed that is filled with juice and will, when squeezed send liquid up the through the 510 connection and out onto the deck of your RDA squonk mods(rebuildable dripping atomizer)

Not only do you get the deeply satisfying squonk sound, hence the name but it is also far more practical than dripping onto your coils directly.

The vast majority of people will tell you that the best type of flavor will come from an RDA so the ability to keep your cotton primed and ready to vape just by giving a little gentle squeeze on the bottle is very appealing.

There are a huge number of different squonk mods available either regulated or mech, single battery or dual battery and as the popularity grows so does the many styles available.

Do be careful though, If you’re heavy-handed like me you will find it extremely easy to over squonk, meaning your deck fills up with juice and it all leaks out through the air holes.

The Verdict.

The truth is that there is no right or wrong way to go about it, everyone is different and we all have our own preferences.

My suggestion is that you go into a vape shop and ask to try a few different vapes out, but as a general rule I would say a pen style for people just looking to quit smoking is a decent choice, for a beginner I would recommend a good regulated mod with a sub-ohm tank on top to get started and possibly look into RDA’S and squonking as you progress into your vaping journey.

I personally started with a little pen mod and that lasted me all of about 2 weeks before I went on to something bigger.

There is no rush and my encouragement to you would be to try a little of everything and find your preference as you go.

Thank you for reading



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